You can search the world over, but you won’t find happiness, until you realize that happiness isn’t getting what you want, it's being content with what you already have. –Yasmin Mogahed.

Layllen Sawyerr is an International Speaker who is passionate about empowering people all over the world to love themselves more and more every day! Certified as a John Maxwell life coach, speaker and trainer, she travels all over to speak life and influence change to everyone she encounters.

Searching high and low, Sawyerr discovered that happiness and self-love start within. No person or thing will be the key to true joy! Ignited by this discovery, she is on a mission to live a life of significance and pour into as many people as possible. She has spoken for corporations, blockchain conferences, leadership conferences and nonprofit events. 

Sawyerr has written "Love, It All Starts With You” and has over a decade of different experiences including her MBA in Project Management. With a decorated background in legal compliance and previous experience, she uses her past, struggles and triumphs to help individuals and organizations clearly define their message, empower women and encourage leadership around the world! 

Her motto is, “Dare to go beyond what your very eyes can see”. Every day is a reminder that anything is possible with hard work and persistence. Every day that she rises with the intent and mindset to conquer and fulfill her purpose.