You want more but feel stuck and overwhelmed. You are not sure where to start but want to turn your passion into a sustainable income. You may even want to travel the world and work from anywhere.


There was a point in Layllen’s career when she felt lost, stuck working too many hours for someone else but saw herself traveling and speaking all over the world. She finally became sick of the toxic work environment and decided to take action towards her dreams. 


Layllen's mission in life is to help others be the best version of themselves. She wants to help you embrace your authentic self and walk in your truth. She wants to help you live a more purposeful life. She wants to awaken and heal your inner child and empower you to take action towards your goals.


Layllen graduated with a Bachelors in Business Management and a Masters in Project Management. She has12 years of corporate, finance, legal, audit and compliance experience.  At one point in her career she traveled the world, consulted and worked for the number one cryptocurrency exchange in the United States and I was still very unhappy. 


Layllen's coaching services are for the individual who wants to clarify their brand, attract the right client, determine what platform works best for you and increase sales. Through coaching she will help you shift your mindset, face limiting thoughts head on and change the conversation in your head. 

In order to effectively communicate your message, you must establish credibility and build trust. Layllen’s coaching will help you command attention, make an impact, develop a sustainable business and monetize the value of your brand. Allow Layllen to help you say yes and live your best life 365 days a year. 



Monthly coaching available starting at $750 with a 3-month commitment. 

1 Hour consultation available for $250