Be The Change

February 28, 2019

Be The Change You wish to see in the world is one of my favorite quotes and something I focused on living by this year. .My year of yes was full of so many life changes and emotional roller coasters. I cried, grew, had upset, defeat but most importantly I won. I won because I set a goal and achieved it. I am so proud of myself. I learned to say no to others and yes to life. I said yes to new experiences, new adventures and, learned to truly trust myself. I learned it’s okay to be scared as long as I did it anyway. I learned to be brutally honest with myself and others. I learned to love hard but learn when to say goodbye. That goodbye just means I can still love you but just from a distance. I conquered so much in this past year. Moved, traveled the world, quit my job, became an international speaker and fine-tuned my message. #Day365